Calling all landscapers and homeowners

In the Wolfeboro area we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful lakes and our economy
is very dependent on the health of these lakes. Our real estate values, our tourists, our community well-being and pride are all tied to the water quality of these lakes.

As a resource to area property owners and property care professionals, the Wentworth Watershed Association is sponsoring Landscaping in the Watershed, a two-hour information session for both professionals and homeowners. The event is set for April 5, at 5 p.m. in The Great Hall of Wolfeboro Town Hall.

The session will highlight and summarize best practices we can all use to help protect our lakes from polluted runoff and aquatic invasive species.

Everyone is invited, homeowners and landscape, excavation, hardscape, and related property management professionals. Food and local beer will be served.

Please help us by sharing the names and contact information of any landscapers or other property care businesses that you use or know of – please email – so that we may invite them.

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