Dive Team

The Dive Team is a dedicated group of local volunteers. They are one of three types of volunteers that act as a defense against invasive species by assisting with identifying and removing these aquatic invasives.

During the summer of 2019 – as part of a Town of Wolfeboro initiative – professional divers
equipped with a DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester) boat pulled milfoil in Brewster Heath
and in two brooks east of the Allen Albee Beach on Lake Wentworth. Volunteer Association
divers and their on-the-surface support team also worked to pull weeds in Devil’s Cove on
Crescent Lake. A thorough survey of Goodwin Basin was conducted, and no variable milfoil
was found! This is the result of significant control measures by the Association and the town
over the last few years.
The Dive Team continued their weekend efforts in priority areas and adjusted their safety
procedures to ensure volunteer safety during the pandemic. They look forward to returning to
their post-dive comradery when it is safe to gather again.

A Special Thanks to Our Volunteer Dive Team & Support Crew

Brett Conley
Chris Crocker
Bruce Gifford
Howie Hoyt
Rick Jakle
Lynn Johnson
John Lyeard
John Millay
Skip Oliver
Karen Ouhrabka
Tom Ouhrabka
Tom Reichheld
Collin Ross
Kieth Scarlett
Jack Willard

Join our Volunteer Dive Team

Help us to identify aquatic invasive species and combat milfoil in our Watershed!

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