Lake Hosts

Lake Hosts help to keep our lake free of invasive plants and animals.

Lake Hosts help to keep our lake free of invasive plants and animals. The LWA has supported a Lake Host at the Mast Landing boat launch to provide voluntary boat and trailer inspections and to inform the public about invasive species. Continuing to monitor and control variable milfoil and other invasive species will help preserve the water quality of Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake for the future.

Lake Host Program Inspectors staff local boat access sites to teach the public about aquatic invasive species prevention methods and to help boaters remove potentially-invasive plants and animals from boats, trailers, and gear. Inspectors are not enforcers of local or state ordinances, rules, or laws. An inspector represents NH LAKES and the local organization participating in the Lake Host Program. An inspector may be an individual hired as an NH LAKES seasonal employee or an individual serving as a volunteer from the local community

Essential Responsibilities:
  • Appear in uniform and greet all arriving and departing boaters and visitors.
  • Conduct boat and trailer inspections with boaters’ permission. Follow protocols for removing aquatic plants and animals from boats and trailers.
  • Collect and enter boater survey data neatly complete all paper and digital documentation.
  • Encourage boaters to practice the “Clean, Drain, and Dry” method for preventing the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: The ideal inspector is: 

  • able to conduct a visual and tactile examination of all exterior surfaces of boats and trailers; 
  • comfortable interacting with strangers; professional, friendly, polite, and has a sense of humor; 
  • task-oriented, self-motivated, and able to deal productively with ‘down time’; equipped to work outside safely in a variety of weather conditions; and, is committed to providing fact-based information about aquatic invasive species prevention.
  • Minimum age: 18. Exceptionally mature and independent 16- and 17-year-olds may be considered for work in pairs or with experienced inspectors.

Organization Information:

Founded in 1992, NH LAKES is a nationwide, member-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy, now and in the future. NH LAKES works with partners to promote clean water policies, responsible use, and inspires the public to care for lakes. The Lake Host Program is a collaborative effort between NH LAKES, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and local partners for the prevention of aquatic invasive species spread in New Hampshire’s waterbodies. Learn More

Interested in becoming a Lake Host?

Lake Hosts help to keep our lake free of invasive plants and animals. Training can be provided!

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