Weed Watchers

Weed Watchers are one of the first lines of defense against invasive species on the lake. Being a Weed Watcher is an easy addition to your summer lake activities. You can keep a look-out for invasive species while you are canoeing or enjoying other lake-related activities. Weed Watchers who spot the signs of an invasive species reach out to our Dive Team, who investigate further.

In 2020, 40 volunteers WeedWatchers continued to survey their assigned areas in all waterbodies in the watershed. WeedWatchers marked areas of concern for the Dive Team to confirm and address. The most common areas of with AIS include Crescent Lake, the Smith River, and Brewster Heath, but the WeedWatchers monitor throughout the watershed. Additional volunteers are always welcome. Training and reference materials make monitoring for AIS nearshore where you recreate a pretty easy way to be a part of the team.

Thank you to our volunteer Weed Watchers!

Jen Baskin
Anne Blodget
Zeke & Carol Bly
Bobbi Boudman
Ken Bowman
Julie Brown
Jen Chinburg
Eric Chinburg
Emilie Clark
Christine Curry
Patrick Curry
Ed Dinsmore
Donn Dolce
Claire Donahue
Peter Galanis
Bruce Gifford
Tim Glennon
Susan Goodwin
Chuck Hallett
Erica Koch
Sally Koch

Alex Koslovsky
Don Kretchmer
Andy Mako
Rich Masse
Amanda McQuaid
George & Marian
Skip Oliver
Tom Ouhrabka
Eric Ouhrabka
Suzy Ouhrabka
Joyce Pepin
Dan Ross
Mary Schillereff
Rick Skarinka
Peg Skarinka
Amy Smagula
Bob Spear
Maggie Stier
Nancy van Lonkhuyzen

Volunteer to become a Weed Watcher

Weed Watchers form an important part of our invasive species protocols. They are often the first line of defense against things like milfoil, and work closely with other citizen volunteers who help keep the Watershed in pristine natural condition.

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