Hersey-Hodge Conservation Area

The Hersey- Hodge Conservation area is a new strategic conservation property purchased on December 29, 2021 by the Wentworth Watershed Association for conservation for $150,000. These 11.17 acres boarder the Cotton Valley Rail Trail and abuts two other WWA conservation lands, the Boat Museum Conservation Easement and the Hersey Point Preserve.

When the property went onto the market, it was zoned General Residential and could have been developed into as many as 4 dwellings or other uses by special exception zoning. It was a notable property because is was the last open land on the Route 28 corridor that would have been developed between the Boat Museum and Rt 109 intersection.

Affirmed for conservation by a number of environmental experts, conservation of this lands provides protection to a tributary of Lake Wentworth Hersey Brook. The property also has wetlands and vernal pools which are now protected. A few of the acres next to Rt. 28 were historically pasture land and a baseball diamond during the hay day of the Allen A Resort. The entire 11 acres are now a mixture of young and older forest that support a diversity of wildlife.

There are currently no trails or public parking to access this conservation property.

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