Ice Out Guessing 2018 – Guessing Ends March 4th

Want to guess the day and time the ice on the lake goes out? Now is your chance. The Ice Out Contest will be in last year’s format. The exact time and date of guesses won’t be published but just the “ranges” of the guesses. This will be closer to the model for the Ice Out Contest on the Tanana River, that flows through Fairbanks, Alaska. (The prize for guessing ice-out for that contest averages over $250,000 and we are sorry the prize for the Lake Wentworth Ice Out won’t be that large.) The Tanana ice out is all blind guessing, you put your guess in an envelope (with money) and the envelopes are opened after the ice goes out.

The guesses will be recorded in two ways this year, one with the exact time and date and the other will be a general time frame. The time frames will be Early March, Mid March, Late March, Early April, Mid April and Late April. (The ice better be out by May!) The general time frames for the guesses will be reported on the website but not the exact times and dates. This will mean that people can just guess the date and time that they want and not worry about “stepping on other people’s toes by guessing too close to someone else’s guess. The existing guesses will be updated regularly.

The contest is now open. All guesses will be made by email. Send your guess as an email to: . Limit one guess per person

Make sure that you include: the date and time AM or PM.

Please also include “Ice Out Guess” in the subject line.

Dates of previous Ice Outs are given at the bottom of this article. Guessing will close on Sunday, March 4th at 11:59 PM. (There is little chance that the ice will be out by March 4th.) If you win, you get bragging rights and even a small prize.

Ice out is declared when “all the shores are free of ice” so that people could launch boats if they desired. This means that there are no “icebergs” floating around that would be dangerous for navigation. The winner is closest to the “judged” time. A committee (that varies) makes the decision. All committee members are certified by the International Commission for Exactness (ICE).


Early March        Fred Dolce

Middle March    Bob Oldham

Late March         John Lydeard, Katie Ellis, Christine Curry

Early April            Timothy Robson, Marie Donahue, Lauren Poster, Karen Ouhrabka, Patrick Curry, Becky Agostinho, The Amazers, Skip Oliver

Middle April       Tom Ouhrabka,  skiff, Brenda Jorett, Peter Warren, Shannon Tibbetts, Jane Checkeye

Late April             crownrock

Previous Ice Out Dates:

2005  Apr.  17     5:30 PM

2006 Apr. 1          12:00 PM
2007   Apr. 23    6:00 AM
2008   Apr. 23    8:00 AM
2009   Apr. 12    6:00 AM
2010  Mar. 23     3:00 PM
2011 Apr. 20       2:30 PM
2012   March 22 12:00 PM

2013 Apr. 14   3:15 PM

2014 Apr. 19    3:00 PM

2015 Apr. 20     7:45 PM

2016 March 18    9:00 AM

2017 Apr. 16      7:00 PM