News and Notes: July 21 at Noon – Albee Beach Family Fun, Awards for Fishing Derby – Fishing Derby Results, Stamp Act Island Walk, Lake Monitoring Report

For the Albee Beach Family Fun

Date:  Saturday, July 21 at Noon.

Bring your own picnic. 2 Charcoal grills are available. Lemonade, water, cookies will be provided.

Fishing Derby awards will be presented.

NH LAKES will be bringing their Watershed Warrior Program, an activity circuit that is fun for all ages.

Call the Office 603-534-0222 to register.

The Stamp Act Island Walk scheduled for August 12th filled up fast. The number of people who can go on it has been increased. See below the Fishing Derby Report for more information.  Also, a summary of the Lake Monitoring Report relating to clarity, phosphorus and oxygen levels is given below.

Watershed Fishing Derby 2018 Results 

Does this count in the Fishing Derby?

Overall Winners- It’s a Tie!

Zion Abiodun: Largest Large Mouth Bass – 3 lbs, 8 oz

Dauson Bere: Largest Large Mouth Bass – 3 lb, 8 oz

Winners by Age and Fish Species

4 and Under

Kyle Bacon: Tie Largest Pickerel – 16 oz    James Ferguson: Tie Largest Pickerel – 16 oz, Largest Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 3 oz Willow Ouhrabka: Largest Yellow Perch – 7 oz, Largest Sunfish – 8 oz Riley Ellis: 1 oz Sunfish

5-6 Year Olds

Liam Murray: Largest Sunfish – 4 oz     Justin Bacon: Largest Pickerel – 8 oz   Hailey Ciesluk: Largest Small Mouth Bass – 2 oz, Largest Shiner – 1 oz

7-8 Year Olds

Hailey Bacon: Largest Large Mouth Bass 1 lb, 6 oz      Sam Ferguson: Largest Small Mouth Bass 1 lb, 7 oz    Rachel Lynch: 1 lb, 4 oz Small Mouth Bass       Gracyn Burhop: Largest White Perch – 4 oz          Liam Jones: Largest Pickerel – 12 oz     Elizabeth Barata: 11 oz Pickerel  Whitt Peirce: Largest Sunfish – 1 oz

9-10 Year Olds 

Zion Abiodun: Overall Winner! Tie Largest Large Mouth Bass – 3 lbs, 8 oz, Tie Largest Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 12 oz.   Tim Barata: 2 lb, 9 oz Large Mouth Bass     Caleb Ferguson: Tie Largest Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 12 oz    Aaron Bartlett: 1 lb, 9 oz Small Mouth Bass       Reagan Deangelis: 1 lb, 6 oz Small Mouth Bass     Connor Lydeard: 1 lb, 4 oz Small Mouth Bass   Savo Ftorek:1 lb, 4 oz Small Mouth Bass      Bobby Leary:12 oz Small Mouth Bass       Team Bailey and Morgan Weidner: Largest White Perch – 1 lb, 1 oz   Mike Clifford: 2 oz Sunfish – Tie    Maeve Murray: 2 oz Sunfish – Tie   Lilly Jones: Largest Pickerel – 14 oz    Myles O’Keefe: 14 oz Small Mouth Bass

11-12 Year Olds

Camden Deangelis: Largest Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 9 oz      Bryce Peterson: 1 lb, 4 oz Small Mouth Bass     Team Camden and Colton Weidner:1 lb,1 oz Small Mouth Bass    Blake Sandlin: 1 lb,1 oz Small Mouth Bass              Ben Ferguson: Largest Large Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 11 oz     Olivia Ouhrabka: Largest Sunfish – 8 oz, Largest Yellow Perch – 10 oz    Shaun Greenwaldt: 7 oz Sunny    Jenny Baldwin: 4 oz Sunfish*     William Pechinski: Largest Perch – 8 oz.

13-17 Year Olds

Cole Sauder: Largest Large Mouth Bass – 2 lb, 3 oz        Mary Gettens: Largest Small Mouth Bass – 2 lb, 2 oz.        TJ O’Keefe: Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb 5 oz

Jazmine Jenness: Largest Black Crappie – 10 oz    Ty Ferguson: Large Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 11 oz

18 and over:

Dauson Bere: Overall Winner: Tie Largest Large Mouth Bass – 3 lb, 8 oz     Brian Ouhrabka: Largest Sunfish – 10 oz Sunfish, Largest Black Crappie – 8 oz    Brandon Guidotti: Largest Small Mouth Bass – 1 lb, 3 oz      Michelle Sandlin: White Perch – 14 oz    Alex Gettens: Largest White Perch – 1 lb, 4 oz


In order to sign up for the Stamp Act walk, please go to  You will have to copy and paste this into your browser. You can then look down for the “Register Online Today” and then sign up. It may be that if there are a lot of people who can’t be included that Sunday, August 12th, another walk will be arranged the following weekend. If you are put on the wait list, there may still be a chance. It actually will be nice to know how many more people want to go on the walk.


Lake Monitoring Report

Wentworth-Crescent NH Lay Lakes Monitoring Program Report       July 7, 2018

Recognition of Volunteers

Governor’s Deep; Mary Schillereff/Tisha Daniels

Fullers Deep; Dave and Deb Denby/Rich Masse and Andrea Dudley

Triggs; Marie Donohue/Gail Craven

Crescent; Lynn Johnson

Wentworth/Crescent LLMP volunteers monitor lake temperature and transparency at weekly intervals, and collect columns of water to assess thermal profile from surface to thermocline. Once back on shore, samples are tested for chlorophyll, dissolved water color, and alkalinity. The Fullers’ team also tests for phosphorus.  Water samples are taken for cyanobacteria monitoring, the testing of which occurs at UNH lab.

Volunteers’ data and samples are passed on to Bob Craycraft with University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension for analysis. Bob and team also conduct a comprehensive sampling and assessment once a summer.

Trends to date:

Stable trends in color, phosphorus, and chlorophyll between 1986 and 2017.  Water clarity measurements display a trend of decreasing water transparency between 1984 and 2017.

The dissolved oxygen profile collected on August 8, 2017 by Bob Craycraft indicated a trend of decreasing dissolved oxygen concentrations near the lake bottom. Dissolved oxygen concentration is commonly considered the threshold for successful growth and reproduction of cold water fish such as trout and salmon.

Cyanobacteria did not reach bloom proportions.

Recommendation: Implement Best Management Practices within the Wentworth watershed to minimize the adverse impacts of polluted runoff, nutrients, and erosion into the lakes.

2017 Sampling Highlights in PDFs are available via WWA website, with hard copies at the WWA office.

Longitudinal water quality Lake Reports are accessible through the Extension link of the

University of New Hampshire website.


The three reports can be accessed by clicking these links:

2017_Lake_Wentworth_12Governors_Highlight_Report.pdf GOV

2017_Lake_Wentworth_1Fullers_Highlight_Report.pdf Fullers





  1. Hi- My boys were involved in the Fishing Derby and I saw the results online. Are they handing out trophies this year? If so, do you know when and where it will be?
    Thank you,
    Michelle Ferguson

    Michelle Ferguson
  2. Thank you for linking the water quality reports. Monitors carry the flag for those who back in the 80s began the sampling and recording , and those over the years who maintain the integrity of the data. This body of knowledge informs us brilliantly with no time to waste. Colossal gratitude to LLMP volunteers and UNH-Extension Bob Craycraft and team.


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