Strategies for dealing with stormwater

Phase 2 of the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed Management Plan saw the delivery of more than a dozen sophisticated brochures offering engineered strategies for dealing with stormwater runoff into our surface waters. Each of the brochures, offered below in PDF format, can be downloaded and printed for later use:

Why Should We Be Concerned?

What Can Be Done to Minimize the Impact of Stormwater Runoff?

Overview of Engineered Solutions for Stormwater Management

Methods to Reduce Stormwater Flow

Stormwater Filtering Practices

Dry Wells and Infiltration Basins

Rain Gardens and Bioswales

Gravel Wetlands

Why Should You Consider a Stormwater-Friendly Driveway?

Porous Concrete and Asphalt

Solid Pavers and Turf Pavers

Plastic Grid Systems

Ribbon Driveways

Problem Prevention

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