Smith River Ice Out Declared

Oh, this is not the same “ice out” of the lake, the ice on the lake is still pretty thick but Smith River could be boated on.  Brrrrrrrr. On the 3rd of March, there was only about 20 yards of ice between the open water at Mast Landing and the open water in Crescent Lake. There has been quite a bit of melting and rain from time to time and the current down the river and then down the lake has melted the ice. The ice never freezes very thick on Smith River and doesn’t generally freeze as thick on the middle of Crescent lake because of this water flow as it does on Lake Wentworth. Mallard ducks are enjoying the water but no one else seemed to be swimming or boating.


Looking up Smith River from Mast Landing no ice was visible, Likewise, there was no ice visible up or downstream from the Smith River Bridge.



At the start of the Smith River is Fanny Island and it would have been possible to take a canoe or kayak around the island but the rest of the lake ice is pretty thick although being out on it is more questionable with all the warmth that we have had lately. Looking downstream from near Fanny Island, the only frozen things are remnants of snow on the shore.


Spring is still a few weeks away but there is hope that we will be boating soon.