Spring Has Sprung – Sort Of

It is supposed to be Spring but the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating. A few warm days are supposed to give way to cool rainy days and it is supposed to continue for a week or so. If you aren’t at the lake, you are not missing great boating and swimming. However, things are happening.

The familiar birds have returned and are doing what they do at this time of year. The loons are in pairs and are in their brand, new plumage. (You have to look good when you are trying to impress your mate.)

The cormorants are here as well as the spotted sandpipers who hunt for food on rocks and along the shores.

The common mergansers are here and the eagles have returned. They seem to have nested in the middle of March and are still in attendance at the nest so most likely there is an eaglet or eaglets in the nest . In this picture, it seems as if the male is taking care of things and the female was sitting in the old nest tree. Eagles work as a team raising their young.

There are also a number of immature bald eagles around. Two were seen harassing a pair of nesting geese (this is really a good thing because we don’t need more geese on the lake). One of these immature eagles was seen on a rock after it had finished eating a fish. If you look at the leg of the young eagle, you see a ankle band. This picture doesn’t show the numbers on that band. If you take pictures and can actually read the numbers on a leg band, that is of interest to the eagle watchers. Let someone know if you have a picture that shows the numbers.


Looking around the lake, the trees are only starting to leaf out and this is a bit late but there has been cold, and snow (on April 1st) and the ice went out late. The first picture looks past Mink Island to Mt. Shaw and there is little sign of green and the second is of Mt. Delight (really a hill) to the north of Warren Brook.

The lake level is at the normal summer level because of all the rain and this is good. The last two summers, it has never reached that level because there was little rain in April and May, not true this year!

Summer will come but you haven’t missed great boating, swimming and sailing yet.  Those at the lake are hoping for nice warm days……