Stamp Act Rules and Spring Is Coming

Stamp Act Island is a special place in our lake. Instead of having a number of homes on it, it is protected by The Nature Conservancy and monitored by a group of people who love the lake. In this time of Covid 19, things are not “normal” and people have come to the lake earlier than normal and the normal signs closing the North Beach for bird nesting hadn’t been put up. (They are now up.) Boats were on the North Beach and some group even built a fire which is not allowed at any time. Below is a picture of the fire ring and no damage was done to the forest but fires are never allowed. Also, there was a dog on the beach and dogs are not allowed on the island at any time.Dog  The reasons dogs aren’t allowed include: 1) A dog is always a threat to the animals and birds that live there and therefore creates stress. 2) Dogs do damage to the plant life because of their small paws and rapid changes in direction. 3) They bother other people who might happen to be there with monitors of the island saying that one of the most common complaints about people on the north beach is that someone brings a dog. They are not allowed, ever, don’t bring them. No one is allowed on other parts of the island unless they are on a guided hike or members of the Stamp Act Committee for a specific purpose. PLEASE respect the island! Do Not Ever Build a Fire!

But Spring is coming and the Shadblow, also called Serviceberry, is in bloom. The individual flowers are beautiful.

And when they are seen as part of the landscape, they add a nice touch.

Our eagles do not seem to have chicks again for the second year. There is no clear reason why they don’t have them but the weather when they would have been nesting was strange with wind, warmth, then cold and snow. I guess they have another year without kids to deal with and, given that they would have to be educating them on Zoom meetings, it probably is easier for them as their internet connections are not great on the island.

Along the shores, the usual suspects are hunting for food and this mink was looking into all the nooks and crannies along the shore. He or she seemed to be a happy camper but was not seen finding lots of food.

Brummitt Island is seen below from a drone photo and the row of rocks on the north side are ones that are moved by the ice. Ice plucks the rocks as they are frozen into the ice and then the ice moves.

An example of this “moving or rocks” can be seen near the north beach of Stamp Act. Looking out from the beach, go right around the corner and about 10 yards off shore is evidence that a rock was moved by the ice. It moved out from shore, then parallel to shore and the must have moved back a bit. All the small rocks have been moved and sand is now shown on the bottom.


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