Summer Is Here

The 4th of July is past so Summer is officially here. This Summer is like many of the past but the lake level is now at it “normal” level. People are enjoying the lake and the water is in the upper 70s so it is great for swimming.

In the past two years, the State mandated water level for the Winter season has been held until the legal date of April 15th. For the past two years, not enough rain or run-off occurred to bring the lake up to its official Summer level, actually only about a foot more more below that level. Now, with the high “normal” summer level, many beaches seen in the past two years are under water. The North Beach on Stamp Act has much less dry sand and the people enjoying the sandbar on the SE end of Stamp Act have much less shallow water to play in. Well, that is Mother Nature.

In the bird department, the eagle chick that was hatched in late April is now flying. This was supposed to happen around July 1st based on the nesting time and time when it was seen in the nest as a small bird. This chick is now doing what it supposed to do. You may hear it calling to be fed as it is still dependent on his/her parents for food but by the end of August, it will be fishing on its own. The picture is of it in the old nest tree, an easy place to fly to and land with no branches in the way.

Below is a picture of the Ring Billed Gulls that hang out here on the lake. They don’t nest here and these are juveniles who are here for awhile. They will ultimately nest along the seashore. Yes, they do put their droppings on the rocks but so do other birds including the cormorants.

And below is a picture of the almost full moon over the lake. It will be full again in the beginning of August. Then, the following new moon will be an “event”. It will produce a total eclipse that will be visible in a path that crosses the entire United States. It will only be a partial eclipse here in Wolfeboro and you will have to drive well south of DC to see it as a total eclipse. It is said that seeing it as a partial eclipse is like being at the Superbowl in the parking lot, not really that exciting.


Enjoy the lake, be safe and respect others who are enjoying the lake. Your music may not be their music, people may not enjoy your loud laughter in the evening. Summer is here, enjoy it.