The word is in: the ice is out!

Calling ice-out on Lake Wentworth is always a tricky business. In the past, the late Allen Stevens would traverse the shores of Lake Wentworth looking for evidence that every shore was free enough of ice that property owners could, if they wished, launch a boat out to the open lake. 

This year, the call fell to an intrepid crew of volunteers scattered around the lake, each reporting in and posting photos on the Wentworth Watershed Association’s Facebook page. Expectations were high early. Rain fell, temperatures rose, the wind kicked in — and still the ice held. So great was the impatience around the lake that early bird boaters began to test the margins, and then the heart, of the gigantic floe that hovered at the center of the lake. It seemed as though it would never go away.

And then it did. 

Ice out was formally called at 7 p.m. on Easter Sunday, April 16. A small sheet may persist in an isolated corner here and there on the western shores, where the wind piles it up, but, by now, just about anyone who wants to can get out and enjoy water just slightly above freezing. 

And this year’s winner of the annual ice-out contest: lakelady, with a guess of April 17 at noon. The full list of guesses is available here.