Three honored for their long-time service

The Wentworth Watershed Association’s Annual Meeting on August 19 saw three members — Wally and Claire Vaughn and Ellen Berry — honored for exemplary volunteer work over the years.

The Vaughns served as shore representatives for the Governor’s Landing area for many years, and Wally served on the boards of both the Lake Wentworth Association and the Lake Wentworth Foundation. He was also an active participant in the fight against invasive species in Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake.

For many years, Ellen Berry was an active shore representative on Holden Shore, and she has been a staunch supporter of efforts to control milfoil in the lakes. She demonstrated an early and prescient understanding of the extent to which milfoil would become an issue for local lakes.

The three were honored with certificates of appreciation and an opportunity to tour the lakes with Bob Spear, operator of the newly formed Lake Wentworth Tours and More.