Water Runoff Mitigation Planning

Stormwater runoff can have a huge impact on the health of our watershed. The EPA has partnered with state and local environmental and conservation groups to launch Soak up the Rain.

Soak Up the Rain is a stormwater public outreach and education program to raise awareness about the costly impacts of polluted stormwater runoff and encourage compliance with stormwater rules and requirements through nature-based solutions such as green infrastructure and low impact development. We can all be part of the solution. This website features outreach tools, resource lists, webinars, and many other resources to encourage citizens, municipalities and others to take action. These materials can help communities increase stormwater health and resiliency, comply with stormwater rules and requirements, and build a healthier, greener community.

Curious about what you can do at home to protect and restore clean water in your local rivers and lakes? Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are creating rain gardens, setting up rain barrels, and using trenches and other simple techniques to prevent water pollution. Whether you live on the water or up the road, explore this site to learn how you can do your part. Learn about NH Specific Initiatives here.

In July of 2018, the Association invited the NH Department of Environmental Services for a site visit to help us develop a plan to protect our watershed. Below you’ll find site recommendations from that visit!

Water Bar

Rubber Razors

Infiltration Steps

Dry Well

Denby Recommendations

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