The Zephyr archives

April 2016     Core samples, Milfoil, President Letter, Need Lake Hosts, Clean and Drain Bill to protect our lakes, Fish Lead Free, Lakes Congress info, Bad Winter for Loons, Smith River Canoe Race, Eagle Update

August 2015    Remembering Skip Lorimor, Loon Report, Loon Killed by Snapping Turtle, Dive Team Report, Lake Wentworth as Seen by Drones, Boat Museum and LWA History, 

2015 July     Boat Museum Lake Wentworth Exhibit, Fishing Derby, Loons, Milfoil,Sailing Regatta, Animals of Stamp Act, LWA/LWF dinner, Message from the President, Eagles – year 4

2015 April      Changing of the guard, Mast Landing, Boat Museum Exhibit on Lake Wentworth,Water Quality, Milfoil Report, Lakes Congress, Lake Hosts Wanted, Sediment Core to look at historic phosphorous levels

2014 August     Ken Roberts Gets Lifetime Membership, Fernald Brook Stormwater Mitigation Project, The Island World and Loons, Our Two Loon Chicks, Fishing Derby, Blue/Green Algae

2014 July     Loons and Lead a Deadly Combination, Loon Chronicles, Kayak adventure at Ice Out, Sailing Regatta Scheduled, Eagles Brooding, Chinese Mystery Snails

2014 March     Rt. 28 Re-zoning, Grant for Stormwater Run-Off Mitigation, LWF new Executive director, Wanted Lake Hosts, Eagles returned

2013 August    Ralph Cadman Life Member, bill to protect loons from lead passed, fishing derby, RT 28 rezoning, dive team report, small forest fire on Stamp Act,

2013 July         Water level – high and low, RT 28 rezoning, eagle update, ice out 2013 and fireworks

2013 March      RT 28 rezoning, we need lake hosts, loons and lead, kayak race, Wentworth Watershed plans

2012 August     Remembering Allen Stevens, Dive Team Report, Septic     Information, Watershed Management, Loons

2012 July           Remembering Marilyn Spear McNab, Eagles Nesting

2012 March      Allen Stevens Preserve, Watershed Study,

2011 August     Loon Chronicles, Allen Stevens Preserve

2011 July           Watershed Plan, Fishing Derby Results, Milfoil Dive Team Wins in 4th of July Parade

2011 March       Watershed Plan, Laurie Steward Remembered

2010 August     Loon Report, Monitoring Stamp Act Island, Poplar Island 100 yrs old, Milfoil Report

2010 July          Poplar Island History, Fireworks and our Lake, Drawdown Questionaire, History of Stamp Act Island, Remembering John Schillereff

2010 March      Working as a Lake Host (clean boat program), History Wolfeboro’s 250 years

2009 July         Fluorescent Green Shirts, 3 Loon Families, Grass Seed That Is Good for the Lake

2009 March    An Icy Ordeal, Meet Your Shore Rep, Loon Update


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