A glance at news in the making around the Wentworth-Crescent watershed
Skiing and the Life Guard’s Dilemma
In the middle of the week there was an inch of snow that fell on top of the 4 - 6 inches that was on the lake. That snow had suffered a warm spell and was "consolidated" which might be read as "crusty". The inch that fell in the middle...
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Ice Out 2019 Prediction Time! Get Your Guess In Now – Final Date for Guessing is March 3rd
Please send all guesses to info@wentworthwatershed.org  Want to guess the day and time the ice on the lake goes out? Now is your chance. The Ice Out Contest will be in last year's format. The exact time and date of guesses won’t be published but just the “ranges” of the...
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The Campaign for Heath Brook is Complete!
Thanks to donors like you, we have reached our goal of $325,000! The Wentworth Watershed Association is pleased to announce that our Campaign for Heath Brook is complete! We received donations from 195 families, leadership grants from two foundations, the Land Bank of Wolfeboro-Tuftonboro and the Wolfeboro Fund plus a...
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Cold, Warm and Warmer?
The winter continues. After a week with temperatures that didn't get out of the single digits, forecasters are predicting two days in the 50's before temperatures return February's usual 20's. The snow on the lake remains fine for skiing and snowmobiling. The ice is thick enough for travel although care...
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The Rains Came
The snowstorm that was "sort-a big" left the lake snow covered. It was dense snow but OK for going out on and the snow mobiles made some tracks. Then, there was an inch of warm rain, temperatures went into the 50s causing a lot of melting. Below is a picture...
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The Big Storm That Was Sort of Big
We were supposed to get 18 to 24 inches of snow, mostly fluff. Warm air aloft came in and made it not so fluffy, in fact it sleeted for a few hours. Total accumulation was around 8 inches, leaving the top 2 inches of the ground cover dense and icy....
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the community, natural resources, water quality and scenic beauty of the Lake Wentworth-Crescent Lake Watershed, as well as to promote knowledge of the enduring character of its woodlands, waterways and wildlife, its people and its history.