Sort of Like the End of November
As expected, it has gotten colder as we get to the end of November. It has been down to the high teens on a few nights but then the temperatures have rebounded to the upper 40s. If there is no wind, it is still pleasant at the lake. Few people...
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Warm, then Cold and a Trip Up the Warren Swamp
There were record breaking temperatures and then we got back to normal November weather. It hasn't been horrible but there has been wind and it hasn't been in the 60's and probably won't until Spring. The leaves are now virtually all off the trees although some oaks are still hanging...
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A Warm Spell
Well, it is, perhaps, more than just a warm spell for November. It has been breaking records for a few days. 70 is not normal in November but those out on the lake are not complaining. A lot of birds are around including loons who either have decided not to...
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The McBride Conservation Area
The Wentworth Watershed Association now owns the McBride Conservation Area. It is a piece of property the extends from Porcupine Cove in Crescent Lake to the Heath. The land is basically undeveloped although snowmobiles have, upon occasion, traveled across the land. They do spend time on the swampy area of...
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Color and Birds and a Warbling Loon Chick
The color may not be the "best" ever but it is quite nice. Birds are still around but now they are the migrators or the ones who don't have to migrate far or are year round residents. Temperatures are dropping but it got up to 69 degrees on the 15th....
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Birds on the Lake and Some Color
As the seasons change, some birds stay while others migrate. Some Canada Geese are migrators while others just shop around for a golf course or a park a bit farther south. The "real" Canada Geese, the ones who need passports, generally start flying south in "V"s high over head in...
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed through initiatives that enhance water quality, land conservation, and community education.