A glance at news in the making around the Wentworth-Crescent watershed
Grand Opening Heath Preserve Trail
On Oct. 12, there was a "grand opening" of the Heath Brook Preserve Trail. This did not mean that the group was the first to go on the trail but it was a time to have many of the people who donated to the cause to see the trail for...
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Marking the Boundaries
The Wentworth Watershed Association has quite a bit of property that helps to protect our watershed. While the Heath Preserve protects the watershed, it is also providing educational experiences for Wolfeboro Students. Last week, a group of about 25 students and 3 teachers walked the new trail and saw the...
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Protection for Eagle Chicks and Summer Is Still Hanging On
On Sept. 19th, Chris Martin who is the "eagle guy" for NH Audubon arrived at the lake with Dave Govatski who is on the NH TNC board. The purpose was to put up a predator guard on the nest tree of the bald eagles. They had been successful for three...
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A Touch of Fall
Oh, we are still a week away from the Equinox but there are starting to be small changes. Some are subtle and you have to look for them. The temperatures still are not dropping into the 30s but they are dropping to the 40s, without heaters, it is a bit...
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Bird News
The bird news is that the two loon families seem to be doing well. The family that hangs out near the Sister Islands with their one chick seem to be feeding it well and now it is diving for food on its own. After a dive, it is sometimes necessary...
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the community, natural resources, water quality and scenic beauty of the Lake Wentworth-Crescent Lake Watershed, as well as to promote knowledge of the enduring character of its woodlands, waterways and wildlife, its people and its history.