A glance at news in the making around the Wentworth-Crescent watershed
Cold Now with Some Visitors
Cold winds and rain seem to be the theme now. It is a bit early for this kind of thing but not unusual. Just north of the Lake, there has been snow and snow is forecast for the entire state on Friday. Some birds are stopping on their way south...
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Heath Brook Campaign Update
Heath Brook Campaign Update We are 2/3rds of the way to our goal of $325,000! We have received pledges and donations from over 125 families and grants from two foundations, the Land Bank of Wolfeboro-Tuftonboro and the Wolfeboro Fund plus a donation from the Wolfeboro Conservation Commission to make it...
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Walking the Heath Brook Property
Walking the Heath Brook Property that the Wentworth Watershed Association is working to preserve (see related article) is a true joy. There are mature woods and views of the Heath and Copplecrown Mountain. Plans are afoot to build a trail so that everyone can enjoy the area and to make...
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Ever Wonder Why You Should Obey Buoys and the Rules of Navigation
Black buoys say stay north and east, red buoys say stay south and west. Lots of buoys dot our lake and they really do denote hazards. As a reminder, no marked buoys are needed withing 150 feet of shore to warn of rocks. With the draw down, the dangers near...
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A Bird’s Eye View of the Draw Down
The draw down is quite interesting when seen from the air. Rocks that lurk below the surface become more visible, showing where we need to be most careful navigating vessels. Early in the draw down, the rocks around Mink and West Jockey Cap were starting to show. Now, most of...
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See the lakes and landscape during draw down
The water level is now about at the "draw down" level. It is only about a foot lower than a normal winter draw down but because it is done a month or so earlier than normal, it allows for people to see the results (and also makes it hard for...
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the community, natural resources, water quality and scenic beauty of the Lake Wentworth-Crescent Lake Watershed, as well as to promote knowledge of the enduring character of its woodlands, waterways and wildlife, its people and its history.