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Lake Hosts Needed, Shades of Green, and Harassment of Our National Bird
Most likely, everyone who reads pieces on this website loves our lake. Lake Hosts help to keep our lake free of invasive plants and animals. At this time, more are needed at Mast Landing. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can help. Yes, you need to be trained...
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Stamp Act Rules and Spring Is Coming
Stamp Act Island is a special place in our lake. Instead of having a number of homes on it, it is protected by The Nature Conservancy and monitored by a group of people who love the lake. In this time of Covid 19, things are not "normal" and people have...
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Warm Weather Is Slow to Get Here
They say that April is the cruelest month because it gets a bit warm and then gets cold. This trend seems to have continued into May. An inch of snow fell on the 9th and it was quite a nasty day. In northern Maine, they had over a foot of...
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Goings on and Some Brewster Heath Images
It has been cooler than normal for April. The Portland, Maine TV station indicated that it was 1.5 degrees cooler than normal but it really didn't seem that way. There was wind, there was rain and although there were some nice days, it was not the best month. March, apparently,...
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Still Doesn’t Seem Like Spring
Well, the weather guy said that the "sun angle" was like the middle of August but it sure didn't feel that warm. The high temperature was about 40 degrees and there was a 20 mph wind with higher gusts. A snow squall came through this morning and left the ground...
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The Lake In Mid-April and a Video Tour of Stamp Act
Yes, it is the middle of April but it is New Hampshire. The cherry blossoms are not blooming yet. Some signs indicate that spring is really coming but it is not time to think we are "frost free". The next three nights will be at or below freezing so you...
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed through initiatives that enhance water quality, land conservation, and community education.