A glance at news in the making around the Wentworth-Crescent watershed
Ice Is On The Lake
The Lake is frozen and it froze with no wind. It is smooth enough for ice skating and ice boating and just walking around (if you have metal points on your feet). The ice is more than 4 inches as of 12/12 everywhere except where it isn't. You still need...
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Heath Brook Campaign Update
We are 9/10ths of the way to our goal of $325,000! We have received pledges and donations from 170 families and grants from two foundations, the Land Bank of Wolfeboro-Tuftonboro and the Wolfeboro Fund plus a donation from the Wolfeboro Conservation Commission to make it 9/10ths of the way to...
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Now Frozen, the Evolution
Things have dramatically changed at the Lake. We have gone from some ice on the lake to no ice on the lake to now to frozen. In the course of a week, this is a pretty amazing change. Now, there is probably an inch or more of ice on the...
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Walking the Heath Brook Property
Walking the Heath Brook Property that the Wentworth Watershed Association is working to preserve (see related article) is a true joy. There are mature woods and views of the Heath and Copplecrown Mountain. Plans are afoot to build a trail so that everyone can enjoy the area and to make...
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Thanksgiving Week
Some snow came down the Thursday before Thanksgiving, a bit more on Monday and then more on Tuesday. The first snow amounted to about 2 inches, the Monday snow about 2 inches and the second to about 6 inches. Many people didn't get all that they wanted done before the...
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Gray Shades on the Lake and Did “Ice Out” Occur Early This Year?
Gray has been the theme on the lake lately. There has been some snow, some wind, a few clear nights that allowed ice to form and then wind and snow to clear it from all but the shores. Some of the ice that formed has been floating around as icebergs,...
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Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the community, natural resources, water quality and scenic beauty of the Lake Wentworth-Crescent Lake Watershed, as well as to promote knowledge of the enduring character of its woodlands, waterways and wildlife, its people and its history.