What We Do

The mission of the Wentworth Watershed Association is to protect and preserve the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed through initiatives that enhance water quality, land conservation, and community education.

Water Quality & Watershed Management

The Association works with the town of Wolfeboro, watershed property owners and users to implement best management practices which improve water quality in the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed.

Education & Outreach

The Association educates the watershed community to protect water quality through land and natural resource stewardship and implementation of best management and sustainable practices.

Land Conservation & Stewardship

The Association conserves land to protect water quality within the Wentworth-Crescent Watershed, while also protecting natural habitats, wildlife, and view-sheds

Special Projects

Hersey – Hodge Land Conservation Project

Support the purchase to protect 11.17 acres of land bordering the Cotton Valley Rail Trail and connecting two Wentworth Watershed Association conservation lands in Wolfeboro, NH.

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