Lake Minded Resources

What can I do to protect the watershed?

The Watershed is a delicate eco-system. Regardless of your role within it, there are actions everyone can take to ensure that our watershed remains healthy. Through understanding your individual impact on the overall well-being of this ecosystem, you are taking the first step towards protecting it. We call this being “Lake Minded.”

Are you Lake Minded?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our volunteers today to discuss how you can become a more Lake-Minded member of the Watershed.

What actions can I take as a resident to protect the Watershed?

As a resident, you occupy a unique responsibility and stake in protecting the overall health of our watershed. Whether you rent or own, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the area through recreational activities, there are simple steps you can take to protect this ecosystem.

What actions can I take as a business owner to protect the Watershed?

Whether your building in the area, or operating a business that serves the residents of the Watershed, learn more about your responsibility and role in protecting this ecosystem.

Camp and Gravel Road Maintenance

Properly maintaining your camp or gravel road can save you costly yearly repairs and protect the watershed against phosphorous and sediment loading.


In the summer and fall high levels of phosphorus & nitrogen can lead to dangerous blooms of this naturally occurring organism. Learn how to identify potentially harmful cyanobacteria and who to contact.

Lake Safe Fertilizing

Excess nutrients in fertilizer can enter our lakes and ponds via stormwater runoff and cause serious damage. Learn more about how you can safely fertilize while preventing nutrient runoff.

Weed Watchers

“Weed Watchers” is a volunteer program through the NHDES dedicated to monitoring the lakes and ponds for the presence of aquatic invasive plants. Learn more on how you can identify these species and become a weed watcher today.

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