Citizen Involvement

The Wentworth Watershed Association relies on several groups of dedicated volunteers.

Lake Hosts

Lake Hosts work with boaters to help educate around the topic of invasive species.

Weed Watchers

Weed Watchers observe the changing area of the watershed, looking for signs of milfoil and other invasive species.

Dive Team

Members act on the information gathered by Lake Hosts and Weed Watchers, removing milfoil and other invasive species before they spread throughout the Watershed.

Water Quality Testers

Water Quality Testers help the Association report data pertaining to water quality.

Land Invasive Team

The Land Invasive Team identify invasive species within the land of our watershed.

Land Stewardship

These volunteers help the Association carve out and maintain trails within the Association’s holdings.

Office Volunteers

Our Office Volunteers aid the Association in the day-to-day operations necessary to pursue our strategic goals.

Apps & Resources

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