Sargent’s Pond

Sargent’s Pond is located a mile north of Lake Wentworth and empties into that lake via Hersey (Tyler) Brook. At various times in the past the name of the pond has been spelled Sargents and Sergeant’s, and it has also been called Lily Pond and Duncan Pond.

The pond resides at 718 feet above sea level and is fed by Hyde’s Brook and Horne (Hills) Brook. There are no islands and no public boat access.

The Wentworth Watershed Association owns a sizable conservation along the southern shore, in the area of the outlet to Hersey Brook.

The name of the pond derives from the family name of an early proprietor of the property that encompassed it. According to the April 3, 1985, Granite State News, “The pond near Thomas Young’s is situated within the boundaries of the proprietary lot of Nathaniel P. Sargent, attorney at law. In legal instruments and in common talk it was invariably called Sargent’s Pond. A few years ago some careless person gave it the spurious name of Duncan’s Pond, probably from a pond of that name situated in the town of Ossipee. Recently it has been known as Lily Lake, on account of the abundance of pond lilies that grow in the waters.”

An early history of Wolfeboro by B.F. Parker indicated that the pond “is circular in form … . Bordering on some cranberry meadows, but no fine beaches, on its muddy bottom grow many aquatic plants, among them a profusion of water-lilies, which in their season cover the surface of the pond with a mantle of white. Until within a few years, this body was called Sargeant’s Pond from the name of the town proprietor within the limits of whose lots it lay.”


Natural pond

Altitude: 718 feet

Size 62 acres

Shoreline: 1.4 miles

Tributary to Hersey Brook

Max depth: 16 feet

Average depth: 8 feet

Fish species: chain pickerel, yellow perch, horned pout, golden shiners

Public boat access: none

Trophic status: mesotrophic

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