Cotton Valley Trail easement

In June 2013, the Land Bank of Wolfeboro-Tuftonboro purchased a plot of land in North Wolfeboro, located between Cotton Valley Road and the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail, for the purpose of ensuring the protection of the trail and the view from it. An easement on this property was donated to the Wentworth Watershed Association (formerly the Lake Wentworth Foundation) in October 2013 and is now referred to as the Cotton Valley Trail easement.

The Cotton Valley Trail easement parcel is approximately five acres in size, with around 1800 feet of frontage on the Cotton Valley Trail. A majority of the property is wooded; there are also several marsh areas, streams, and stone walls within the property. The streams drain into abutting properties through well-constructed stone and plastic pipe culverts.

Today the Wentworth Watershed Association continues to steward the land for conservation purposes, including preservation of the land, view, public benefit, and scenic enjoyment. The easement documents require the property be maintained in perpetuity as open space.

Forestry is allowed in accordance with a written forest management plan and with the following goals: to maintain soil productivity; protect water quality as well as wetland and riparian zones; improve the overall quality of forest products; conserve scenic quality; protect significant historic and cultural features; and conserve plant and animal species.

The Cotton Valley Rail-to-Trail is open to the public for biking, walking, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling, and the tracks are open to railway motorcars.

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