Hersey Point Preserve

This preserve is made up of 15 acres on Hersey Point Road in Wolfeboro. It was purchased in 1999 by Linda Baldwin’s Single Rose LLC as part of a 45.5-acre parcel. Linda purchased this property to prevent the development of a 400+ unit RV park on this land. Upon Linda’s death in 2002, the Wentworth Watershed Association (formerly the Lake Wentworth Foundation) became the owner.

This parcel is bounded by Hersey Brook for more than 200 feet. It also is bounded by 885 feet of the TRAC Cotton Valley Trail and has extensive frontage on Hersey Point Road. This property is primarily dry and wooded.

The Wentworth Watershed Association intends to maintain this property in its natural state.

The Hersey Point property is a rather large piece that has quite a bit of seasonal wetland but would most likely be able to support a number of house lots. While septic systems for new construction probably would prevent most environmental damage, the property protects the seasonal wetlands. This property is mostly flat, open woods and people can walk through it although there is nothing of particular interest. As with the Allen A property, protecting this land protects the view from the Cotton Valley rail trail so it is valuable for the people enjoying the trail.


Photos of Hersey Point

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