Allen Irwin Stevens Preserve

The Allen Irwin Stevens Preserve was created in February 2012 to recognize Allen, who was often referred to as “Mr. Wentworth” and the “keeper of the lake,” and to acknowledge all he did for the lake community and the Town of Wolfeboro.

The preserve, a 2.2-acre property with 460 feet of frontage on Pleasant Valley Road, is located at the entrance to the Point Breeze condominium community, approximately two miles from the road’s intersection with South Main St.

The Stevens family first established Point Breeze as a fishing camp on the south shore of Lake Wentworth in 1892. The facility was run as a family resort until the late 1970s, when most of the family’s land was sold and the present condominium complex was developed.

The resort was responsible for bringing many long-time residents to Lake Wentworth.

In 2012, with Allen’s approval and the support of many of Allen’s friends, led by John Emans and Don Trice from Point Breeze, the Wentworth Watershed Association (at that time known as the Lake Wentworth Foundation) purchased what remained of the Stevens family property.

The Association then granted a permanent conservation easement on the property to the Town of Wolfeboro. The Wolfeboro Conservation Commission manages the easement, which requires that the land be maintained in an undeveloped state.

After the purchase, the old Stevens family farmhouse was razed, and 1,500 tree seedlings were planted on the lot.

The site allows public access, but there are no established trails.

Allen Stevens was born in New York State and was a descendant of Ethan Allen of Vermont, for whom he was named. When he was about a year old, Allen’s family moved to Wolfeboro so his parents could assist his grandparents in managing the Point Breeze resort.

After leaving Wolfeboro for college, the National Guard, and various jobs, Allen returned in the early 1970’s to take over the management of Point Breeze. Later he became the property manager of the condominium association.

Allen was known to many for his love of the outdoors and his extensive knowledge of the Wolfeboro area. Among other activities, for years he conducted walking tours of Stamp Act Island, a nature preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy, on Lake Wentworth.

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