Ecological Survey Report

In 2005, the Wentworth Watershed Association (formerly known as the Lake Wentworth Foundation) commissioned an ecological inventory of its properties in the Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake watershed. That effort was conducted by the Natural Heritage Bureau of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED).

The Natural Heritage Bureau is chartered by the state’s Native Plant Protection Act of 1987 to facilitate the protection of the New Hampshire’s rare plants and exemplary natural communities (which are outstanding examples of different types of forests, wetlands, grasslands, etc.), to investigate the condition and degree of rarity of plant species found here, and to distribute information regarding the condition and protection of these species and their habitats.

The final report was delivered to the Association in December 2006. Ten parcels are described, and, as a result of the survey, one exemplary natural community and a state watch plant species were documented. In addition, a potential regionally rare natural community system was identified as a target for a future survey. Several invasive plant species were also found in the study area.

The report contains a number of recommendations that are intended to enable the organization to provide responsible stewardship for its ecologically valuable holdings.

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