Land Conservation & Stewardship

The Association seeks to protect water quality within the Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake watershed, preserve open space, protect natural habitat of wildlife or plants, preserve or enhance the viewshed, and preserve natural areas for passive outdoor recreation and scenic enjoyment by the general public. Click here for a copy of the Association’s Land Acquisition and Management Policy.

Below are a list of resources that the Wentworth Watershed Association utilizes to advance their mission of Land Conservation & Stewardship:

News & Updates about Land Conservation

Partnership with Crescent Lake School

This year the Wentworth Watershed Association is sponsoring the 5th grade at Crescent Lake School. Our hope is to engage teachers and students with watershed studies and inspire a conservation ethic in the next generation. The students have been exploring the Brewster Heath Preserve with their teachers using the educational tools purchased with funds from…

Stewardship of the Warren Brook Conservation Easement

Every year, the Wentworth Watershed Association walks the property lines of all the properties that we own or have easements to. This survey of the properties is to see if there are any incursions onto the properties or other issues that might need to be addressed. Recently, the Warren Brook Conservation Easement was walked and…

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