Keegan Kilkelly Partners with WWA to Complete Eagle Scout Project

This season, Keegan Kilkelly, a Kingswood Regional High School senior, demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication by successfully completing his Eagle Scout project in collaboration with the Wentworth Watershed Association (WWA). The project focused on installing crucial footbridges on the Linda Baldwin Preserve, a valuable natural space in partnership with the WWA.

These newly installed footbridges play a vital role in preserving the delicate ecosystem of the Linda Baldwin Conservation Property. Designed to prevent trampling in marshy areas of the trail, the bridges ensure year-round usability, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the area while safeguarding the environment. This project marks the second successful collaboration between Boy Scout Troop 165 and the Wentworth Watershed Association, showcasing the ongoing commitment of both organizations to community service and environmental stewardship.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Keegan Kilkelly’s impressive Eagle Scout Project and the positive contributions it brings to the Linda Baldwin Conservation Property,” said Julie Brown, Executive Director of the Wentworth Watershed Association. “Keegan’s commitment to environmental conservation aligns well with our mission, and we are grateful for the collaboration with Boy Scout Troop 165 and our dedicated Land Stewardship volunteers.”

We are thrilled to share the success of yet another impactful project that underscores our steadfast commitment to community engagement and the cultivation of conservation ethics among our youth. The newly installed footbridges not only enhance the trail but also serve as a testament to Keegan’s passion for land conservation and community service.

You can check out this incredible project for yourself! Those interested can follow the trail just north of Fernald Bridge off the Cotton Valley Rail Trail and head into the woods towards Center Street. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Keegan Kilkelly, Boy Scout Troop 165, and the devoted land stewardship volunteers who played a crucial role in bringing this project to fruition. 

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