Everything You Need to Know About De-Icers

Winter is upon us and the ice is forming across the lake. Making now a great time to talk about dock de-icers and aquatherms. While the use of de-icers/aquatherms is common practice to protect permanent docks and boathouses, improper use can cause damage to the structure that needs protecting and the surrounding lake ecosystem. Poor use of de-icers/aquatherms can lead to dangerous conditions and safety risks for winter recreators.

Bird Migration- Happening Right Now!

People often think of the birds that we see here in the Lakes Region as OUR birds or native species that live here. But most of the birds in the area only spend part of the year with us. We…

Lake Wentworth History

The Character, Culture and Charm of Lake Wentworth: Maggie Stier, historian and 4th generation Wolfeboro resident and member of the WWA (full bio below), chronicles the stories of the lake that made Wolfeboro the oldest summer resort in America. How was…