Beaver Deceivers

Beaver-created wetlands have phenomenal value for humans and thousands of other species. They raise the water level and can re-shape the topography of our ecosystems with dams, canals, and lodges, making the habitat more structurally complex and valuable. Consequently, there is no better way to improve habitat than by taking measures that allow this remarkable keystone species to remain in ecosystems where they steadily build natural wealth.

Beaver Deceivers is a company dedicated to protecting our land and infrastructure, as well as allowing for creative remedies that improve habitats and end wasteful killing and spending. Through education and creative, non-lethal management, Beaver Deceivers are dedicated to improving human and wildlife habitats. They address the issue of clogged culverts that beavers can impose while still protecting our critical wildlife.

A beaver deceiver is a modern flow device fence system (round, square, or trapezoidal) made of wood and/or mesh that acts as a protective barrier against beavers for culverts. The wire-mesh system is used as a filter (beavers out, water in), allowing properties to be protected non-lethally and for beavers to co-exist in the vicinity. With these tools, ecosystems can be beaver-proofed without the need to kill any beavers, and our wetland ecosystems can flourish.

Learn more about Beaver Deceivers by visiting their website or watching this video about beaver importance in ecosystems.

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