Steering Committee defines plan objectives

The Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake Watershed Management Plan steering committee has defined a list of objectives aimed at meeting requirements imposed by the state and federal governments for the award of EPA grants.

The committee, comprising members from the Lake Wentworth Foundation and the Town of Wolfeboro, was formed from a larger group of community stakeholders in late 2009 in order to prepare an application for EPA funds that would be used to develop a management plan for the Wentworth/Crescent watershed.

Among objectives identified by the steering committee are:

  • Compilation of existing water quality data for Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake to determine the ability of the lakes to assimilate phosphorus, an element known to feed algae blooms and weeds in a water body
  • Establishing the water quality target for phosphorus and other water quality parameters in Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake
  • Identification of current and future pollution sources in the watershed
  • Estimating pollution reductions needed to maintain the water quality target and future watershed conditions
  • Determining the actions needed to reduce pollution inflow and maintain water quality goals
  • Providing outreach and educational activities to provide public awareness of problems caused by stormwater runoff and inadequate septic systems
  • Designing on-site modifications calculated to remedy identified sources of pollution, such as road runoff
  • Identification of professional consulting services to oversee development of the watershed plan