Colors – ROYGBIV

The color has been wonderful and the temperatures warm. Some people are complaining that they can’t get their Fall chores done because they have to be out on the lake. There are reds, oranges, yellows and greens with a blue sky. (There are actually no indigo or violet but they are rare in most landscapes.) We only have ROY G B

Out on Stamp Act near the Sand Bar, ROY G are  quite evident. The cool night a week ago made things change but with no wind, the leaves are still on the trees.


Along the Stamp Act shore, there were other places with nice reds, yellows and oranges with the backdrop of the green pines.

Along the Smith River, the colors were maybe not as vibrant but they had all the appropriate colors.

And Crescent Lake was also putting on a show as seen from Mast Landing and  the rail trail.

The kayaker was someone who just couldn’t resist being out on both lakes. This photo is near Mast Landing.

It was a great weekend, rain is forecast for the middle of next week but it has been a great few days on the water. Warm temperatures, clear skies and great color.