It Has Gotten a Bit Colder

New Hampshire and four other New England States had the warmest October on record. When the page on the calendar turned to November, it got colder. Forecast lows for the next week now are below freezing and there is snow on the ground.

It looks a bit different walking down a beach. Snow is covering the sand in places. Right next to the water, the warm lake water has kept a line where the snow melts and then farther from the shore, there seems to be enough heat to melt the quarter inch of snow that has fallen.

Over the past weekend, there was a strong wind and below freezing temperatures. The rocks along the shore seemed to have enough residual heat so they didn’t get a thick layer of ice but the spray made wonderful icicles on the vegetation.

A swamp has quite a bit of snow on it. Some of the areas are above the water line because of the winter draw down but there are also areas where the water is shallow enough to freeze. The snow stays on the frozen ground and ice but not where the water is slightly deeper and hasn’t frozen. Ducks were enjoying themselves with a large group of mallards enjoying the swamp.

These ducks don’t seem to mind the snow. Two of the NH ski areas have opened and the ski areas really like the snow and cold temperatures. It is beginning to look more like winter. The Farmer’s Almanac says that the winter is supposed to be a bit warmer than normal but with more snow. Who knows what the weather really will be………