Changes in December

It has gotten cold and the lake is starting to freeze around the edges. Goose Rock, above, is snow covered with some ice and the distant shores are white, too. Goose Rock is near the west shore so it hasn’t gotten the same wind and waves as the east shores have and the east shores have some great ice formations.

The changes have occurred in the last week as the cold air has come down from Canada. The lake also got about 4 – 6 inches of snow that was then covered with 1/4 inch of crust. Therefore, it is not good skiing other than in prepared tracks. These changes are evident with pictures over the past week or so, going from bare ground to an icy, snowy shore. You expect this in December but it has happened quite quickly this year. The following pictures were taken at Point of Pines on the 4th, the 9th, the 12th and the 14th.

The changes to the swamps are also evident although not as dramatic.

Along the eastern shores, ice formations have been built up. Rocks have been covered by the spray and icicles have formed on any branches in the range of the spray.

The piles of ice cubes that make up the formations in the last picture are not all on shore with about 15 feet of floating cubes between the formations and the rest of the lake. It is definitely not a time for a swim.Burrrrrrrrrrr.