The Cold Hasn’t Stopped!

Well,after New Years, it warmed up a bit, then the cyclone bomb happened, now it is an arctic blast. The cold winter continues here at the lake with only a little bit of a breather here and there. The wind let up and it got up to the “teens” on the 3rd so it was rather balmy. Skiing around the lake, however, no swimmers were seen at the North Beach. The snow and ice seemed to be dominant and it didn’t look like a beach day.

Since then, there has been snow and wind. On the 4th, the cyclone bomb struck the area and we got around 8 inches of snow. The wind most of the day was from the northeast  and the temperatures were in the high teens to low twenties. On the night of the 4th, the temperature dropped to around 10 and then kept dropping on the 5th. By evening, it was around zero. An added feature of the day was the northwest wind averaging above 20 mph. Out on the lake, the wind was blowing snow and, in some ways, you wonder how after a few hours why there is more snow to blow. But the wind seemed capable of doing it.

Anyone for camping out there? The wind is supposed to continue blowing for a day or so and Saturday night may have -10 degrees or lower for the low temperature. Next week may be above average in temperature, go figure. There may be rain next Friday…….

Saturday, the temperature high was around 3 F. Winds were 20 mph +.  Not a beach day again…..