Island Identification Quiz #2

At least some people seemed to have fun with the last quiz so here is another. Some of the views are similar to the last ones but there are different pictures, too. One thing that has been added is a map. The map shows the path around the islands where the first six pictures were taken. The last two are NOT on this line.

The quiz is to see how good you are at identifying the islands of Lake Wentworth.  There are 8 pictures with islands in them and your job will be to answer how many islands are in each picture. This is not easy and if you get them all correct, you must be a lake wizard.

A few “rules” exist to make things a bit easier. Some islands are hard to see because they are small and/or close to other islands. This means that Gull and Goose Rock are not counted because they may be in a picture but very far away and hard to see. Likewise four of the Sister Islands, Joe, Flo, Min and Wal are not counted because from most perspectives, they blend into the background of other islands. Of the Sisters, only Sister, Poplar and Loon are counted. Answers are provided for each picture. The photos have been arranged in a way that may allow you to go through the quiz without seeing the answers first. The “answer” photo is not right below the initial photo. The order is: #1, #2, answer #1, answer #2, etc. It may seem a bit complicated but this will give one picture between the initial photo and the answer.

Note: To avoid seeing the “answers”, look at the first picture, guess the number of islands, then pan down to the next picture and guess the number of islands. Panning down again will get you to the first answer. If when you pan down, you guess when you first see the picture, you will not see the answers. One other thought, you might post your “score” on our Facebook page. It might be fun.

This is an aerial photo of the route taken for the first six photos….

And the questions are:



Answer #1

Answer #2



Answer #3

Answer #4



Answer #5

Answer #6



Answer #7

Answer #8