Foundation Adopts New Land Acquisition, Management Policy

The Lake Wentworth Foundation recently adopted a revised Land Acquisition and Management Policy, replacing one that was developed more than a decade ago.  The new policy provides clear criteria to guide trustees in making decisions to acquire or protect parcels with conservation easements.

Through land acquisition and conservation efforts, the Foundation seeks to protect water quality within the Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake watershed, preserve open space, protect natural habitat of wildlife or plants, preserve or enhance the viewshed, and preserve natural areas for passive outdoor recreation and scenic enjoyment by the general public.

Property can be protected in a number of ways: through acquiring conservation easements, by accepting donations of parcels, through outright purchase or by securing back-up easements in partnership with other conservation organizations.

While the Foundation will seek donations of land and conservation easements as the principal means of land and water quality protection, in appropriate circumstances, the Foundation may agree to purchase land or conservation easements through targeted fundraising and/or use of available funds.

Click to view the complete Land Acquisition and Management Policy.

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