Where Is It on Stamp Act’s Shore?

Going around Stamp Act one day, I started thinking about how well people know the island’s shores. In that regard, I am trying out a new idea of trying to identify where pictures are taken from. All of these pictures are of Stamp Act Island’s shores. Two pictures are of basically the same place but are a “different view.   Note, it may be hard to get all 6 but most people should get 2 or 3.


After you have

looked for a while

at these pictures

you can then

see how

well you

did in identifying

where they are……. 


#1    The registration box on the North Beach of Stamp Act.

#2     The shoreline of the “sand bar” at the eastern tip of Stamp Act.

#3      The east beach on Stamp Act. This is the long beach “around the corner” from the North Beach.

#4    This is at the west end of Stamp Act looking toward the south. There is a line of rocks that goes west to the buoy from the right side of the picture.

#5      This is the far left end of the North Beach where you can land after July 1. There are some rocks at that end but you can see the sandy indentation of the beach. This is a hard one to identify.

#6     This is looking through the two big boulders off the point of Stamp Act nearest Bass Island. The “split rock” on the shore of the island is between the two rocks.


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