2017 Fishing Derby Now History – But There Were Fish!

Beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures brought out parents, grandparents and children to enjoy a day on Wentworth and Crescent Lakes.  Trophies were awarded at the WWA membership gathering on July 8.  Overall winner for the derby was Mary Gettens with a 1 lb, 7 oz Small Mouth Bass.

In the 4 and under age group 4 year old Liam Murray had a nice 5 oz. sunfish and 2 year old Willow Ouhrabka caught a tiny yellow perch.  In the 5-6 year old age group 5 year old Hailey Ciesluk caught a very nice little sunfish; 6 yr old Liam Jones had the largest small mouth bass weighing 1 lb 4 oz and 5 yr. old Ben Baldwin had a very nice10 oz small mouth bass.  6 yr old Elizabeth Barata caught a 5 oz. yellow perch.  Mason Derubeis enjoyed participating.

7-8 year olds included Maeve Murray with her sunfish, Tim Barata with a 1 lb, 1 oz large mouth bass and Lily Jones winning her age group with a 1 lb, 3 oz large mouth bass and a 14 oz. pickerel.

9-10 year olds were Ella Jakle with an 8 oz perch, Colton and Camden Weidner team with a 15 oz. white perch and 7 oz small mouth bass.  Jenny Baldwin had the largest large mouth bass in her age group weighing 1 lb; Shaun Greenwald caught a 4 oz. sunny.

11-12 year olds were Blake Sandlin weighing in his 12 oz small mouth bass, Olivia Ouhrabka with a 6 oz yellow perch, Catherine Gettens and Maggie O’Blenes with their colorful sunfishes.

13-14 year olds Jazmine Jenness weighed in a 1 lb, 2 oz white perch and Cody Stevenson had a nice 11 oz white perch.

15-16 year olds include Georgia Jones with her 14 oz fall fish and overall winner was Mary Gettens with her 1 lb, 7 oz small mouth bass.

In the 17 and older group Jasper Jones had a very nice 1 lb white perch, Brian Ouhrabka with a 6 oz yellow perch, Jeffrey Estiverne with his 14 oz pickerel and Bobby O’Blenes had the tiny, tiniest sunfish of the tournament!

Many thanks to the continued efforts of Karen Ouhrabka to keep this great event going and her assistents Jeff and Jill Heimiller and Brian and Kelly Ouhrabka.  Thanks to the Association for sponsorship.

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