High Dive Team Productivity This July 22nd

With four Divers and several Top Side Tenders on the alert we covered a lot of ground, so to speak, this past Saturday in Crescent Lake.  Helped by active Weed Watchers who had previously marked infested Milfoil areas, Divers were able to efficiently remove large areas of Variable Milfoil.  We are still working to clear a large patch in what we refer to as the “Trench” in the center of Mast Landing Bay.  This work will continue this coming Saturday July 29Th when we will Dive there again at 11:00AM

Also of concern is an area on the Western Shore in the first cove coming from Mast Landing where several areas were abated this past Saturday.  More work will be done there on the 29Th also.  Our plan is to continue down the Eastern Shore as well by the two Red Markers where new growth is present.

We harvested 60 gallons of Milfoil in all on the 22nd and were surprised to see much of what we consider new growth.  Most of the Milfoil patches that we are working on are not long established old growth.  We are covering a lot of area and have several Dive Flags warning of Divers in the water but some boats are not respecting them.  Going half speed increases the size of a boats wake making it more difficult for many of the Top Side people in Kayaks and also increases the depth of the propeller which can threaten Divers.  Please be patient with what we are trying to accomplish as we search and find Milfoil in some well travelled areas.  Head way speed looking for direction from the Top Side Tenders is the only way to proceed while navigating in these busy and narrow lanes.  Thanks, and I hope to see you out there this coming Saturday.

Tom Ouhrabka