July 29Th Milfoil Activity

Last Saturday, July 29Th, was a very efficient Dive as Weed Watchers had marked out areas where they spotted Milfoil eliminating the need for Divers to search for it. As a result we had one off the most productive Dives I have ever participated in. The large area of Milfoil in the “Trench” area that I spoke of in last weeks post is now abated and we have moved on to other areas. There is some significant growth still in the coves of Crescent Lake as well as some small areas of Lake Wentworth. Those areas are important for us to address to control Milfoil’s spread.
Being a Weed Watcher is easy and if you know what you are looking at a phone call or an e-mail is all you need to do alert someone of the problem. It’s an activity you can do while you are canoeing around the lake and if you want to become educated you can do so by becoming a Weed Watcher. Contact your Shore Representative.
See you in Crescent Lake on August 5th for our next Dive. Thanks, Tom Ouhrabka