August 19Th Dive Team News

Last Saturday’s Dive was spent zeroing in on known areas of Milfoil. A late start after a busy morning with the WWA Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting that followed didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Divers concentrated in the area between the two red buoys in Crescent Lake where previous heavy patches of Milfoil were pulled. Sparser Milfoil plant growth is once again trying to re-establish itself in that area. Skip Oliver continued clearing what he refers to as Devil’s Cove which in all likely hood he should complete this Saturday. His hard work over the past several weekends in that area have earned him the title of Diver of the Year! He has worked in shallow murky conditions with poor visibility and tenaciously has almost completely abated Milfoil from that Cove.
Thank you for all of your support. Tom Ouhrabka