Marine Patrol report

The Marine Patrol officer associated with Lake Wentworth was asked about what is going on at our lake. Officer Richard Griffith shared a few things that are relevant to safety on the lake.

  1. Lake Wentworth is the lake with the fewest issues and problems of all the lakes that he has assigned to him this year (both reported and observed). Hence the reason we don’t see him as frequently. He is focusing more on assigned lakes with more issues and problems.
  1. ‎While “safe passage” is the most common offense observed on Lake Wentworth, it is the same across all of the state’s lakes, so we are not in the minority by any means. He would like us to remind boaters to refresh their knowledge of, and abide by, the safe passage  regulations, as this can also be the most dangerous offense if boaters are too close to swimmers or other watercraft.
  1. Occasionally, children under 13 are observed not wearing life preservers. Even though this equipment may be in the boat, a reminder to parents and other caregivers about children wearing preservers at all times while on  the water would be helpful.
  1. ‎Finally,  an incident was reported to MP earlier this summer re two jet skis operating erratically on Lake Wentworth. MP responded, but were not able to apprehend the offenders. However, they found out subsequently that two young brothers vacationing with their family (since have left the area) were operating the jet ski’s, and neither had a boating license (and no one in the family did either). That appears to be the most egregious incident that he recalled for our lake this season.

There are reasons for the rules associated with safe boating. Boats that go too close to swimmers or other boats can cause problems. Most often, they don’t but a slight mistake when you are “cutting corners” can cause real problems. Children should wear life jackets to keep them safe, you would hate to lose even one child. Oh, and people need to have proper instruction in operating boats. If someone doesn’t know the rules, they may easily break them. This may mean that they hit a rock because they don’t know what the buoys mean or they come close to other boats or swimmers and hit them. Safe boating is no accident.

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