Annual Report highlights Association’s work and impact

The Wentworth Watershed Association’s first Annual Report is now available for viewing and download. The 20-page, fully illustrated document, was mailed to all residents of the Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake watershed in late 2017.

The report captures visually Association-sponsored events around the watershed and the residents, visitors, and volunteers who participated. Included are the Wolfeboro Water Summit; the summer celebration for members at Lake View Inn Bed and Breakfast; the Nature Conservancy-sponsored walkaround of Stamp Action Island; the annual fishing derby for kids of all ages; the annual sailing regatta held in collaboration with the New Hampshire Boat Museum; and the annual Camp Dinner held at Camp Bernadette.

The Water Summit, held in May in the Great Hall of Wolfeboro Town Hall, brought together some 200 area residents, landowners, business people, and water quality experts to assess the value of Wolfeboro’s water resources to the region’s economy and quality of life.

The report also highlights the Association’s continuing work to protect the community’s water resources and the habitat that they nourish. This includes the ongoing Watershed Management Plan, overseen in cooperation with the Town of Wolfeboro and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

Also highlighted is the work of the Association’s weedwatchers and divers who carry on the yearly battle to find, identify, and remove invasive aquatic species such as milfoil.

Finally, the report breaks down the Association’s membership numbers and financials.

The document is available as a PDF file for download here. You can also flip through its pages here.