Frozen Tracks and a Lobster?

The weather continues to go from warm to cold, snow to rain. The lake’s surface had some nice snow on it and then there was rain/drizzle to make it slush. Before the rain, there was an ice fishing derby so lots of people had been out on the ice. Oh, and there were also animals doing their thing.

The picture, above, has an animal track on the left and then snowshoe tracks. Then there are ATV tracks as well as snowmobile tracks. These tracks are right at the sandbar on Stamp Act. Off the sandbar, there is some open water along the pressure ridge that often forms there. The tracks are avoiding a bit of open water…..

These are tracks from the same critter, thought to be a coyote. The first picture shows the tracks in a bit deeper snow and the second is when there was sloshing in the slush with the splashes frozen in time.

Below are the tracks of snowmobiles and ATVs. The tracks were made before the rain but when it was a bit warm. Now, they are frozen into some interesting patterns.

Oh, and the lobster? It seems that one was trying to reach up out of the lake. The lake level fluctuates a bit and this formation was formed when the level lowered and pushed the surface ice up. The big part of the claw is on the right and the small, pincer is on the left. Maybe you should start building your lobster pot for fishing next summer.

The ice is about 2 feet thick according to the ice fishermen. A little rain is forecast for the 16th, then cold and then warm. The middle of next week may have record breaking warm temperatures. New England weather…….