Update on the Ice Out

The ice is still “in” as of 4/19. Perhaps, half the lake is free of ice but to get rid of it will require having more sun, warm temperatures and probably some wind. None of those things are in the forecast for the next few days. While it may change in the next day or so, it looks like Crownrock will win as it looks like ice out will be late. Very strange given the warmth in February and early March.

There is open water that goes from Cate Island to Sunset Point. There is a large area of open water in the western part but the eastern part is still mostly iced over. Will keep doing updates.

North shore looking east from Moose Point

Well the ice isn’t out — not really even close as of April 5. A week ago one bore hole indicated 16 inches of ice. Yes on the south facing shores, there is melting but it isn’t close to going out. There are some larger areas of open water and while it supposed to be in the 50’s today and tomorrow, it will stay in the 30’s on Sunday.

 Yes, there is a warm-up scheduled for next week. There are signs of Spring, however, as the Wood Duck Drake is back with his lady friend. Still walking on ice, however.

For those swimming enthusiasts, the rock by the sand bar on Stamp Act is now free of ice. You can jump off the rock into the water. The only problem is that getting there is a bit “iffy.”

There has been quite a bit if “graying” of the ice and it is getting more rotten. While is was possible to walk on it a week ago (taking self rescue gear), going out now is a lot riskier.

You won’t be seeing any more pictures taken from the middle of the lake until kayaking is possible.

The picture at left looks toward Mt. Shaw and the area east of Stamp Act Island. The gray ice has expanded from near Cate Island almost to the Second Ledge.

The view, below right, from Red Brook Circle taken last week is much the same as it is in mid winter. Some melting shows the grass on the shore but the lake ice is still very much in place.

In February, there was lots of warm weather and it seemed like it was going to be an early ice out but the second half of March and early April have been cold. Today, the high temperature was around 34 and there was a 20 mph northwest wind. Not a day for sun bathing at the beach.

Below are the guesses and the ice outs of previous years……

 Ice Out 2018 name Month Date Time (24 hr)
Early March Fred Dolce March 2 11:00
Middle March Bob Oldham March 13 6:00
Late March Debbie Bayne March 21 16:00
John Lydeard March 25 12:00
Katie Ellis March 27 15:00
Lee Arnold March 28 14:00
Isla Arnold March 29 12:00
Carl Crosley March 30 15:45
Christine Curry March 30 16:00
Early April Becky Arnold April 1 14:00
Sharon Gillett April 1 14:22
Bobbi Boudman April 1 15:23
Pop66 April 2 15:15
Timothy Robson April 3 8:00
Marie Donahue April 3 13:11
Lauren Poster April 3 16:45
Karen Ouhrabka April 4 16:00
Patrick Curry April 5 14:00
Brooke Arnold April 6 5:00
Jillian Heimiller April 7 11:03
Jen Baskin April 7 11:30
David Gillett April 7 12:00
Becky Agostinho April 7 14:52
The Amazers April 8 11:11
Ryan Arnold April 8 12:00
Shane Arnold April 8 15:00
Don Kretchmer April 9 11:00
Skip Oliver April 9 11:45
Steve Arnold April 9 13:00
Howie Hoyt April 10 8:00
Rick Gillett April 10 15:35
Middle April Dan Ross April 13 13:30
Tom Ouhrabka April 13 16:00
Joan Arsenault April 13 16:00
Annie Arnold April 14 12:00
skiff April 15 9:00
Bruce Gifford April 15 15:30
Peter Warren April 17 14:30
Brenda Jorett April 17 15:00
Shannon Tibbetts April 19 13:00
Jane Checkeye April 20 19:00
Late April Randy Hendler April 21 11:30
crownrock April 21 15:00

Previous Ice Out Dates:

2005  Apr.  17     5:30 PM

2006 Apr. 1          12:00 PM
2007   Apr. 23    6:00 AM
2008   Apr. 23    8:00 AM
2009   Apr. 12    6:00 AM
2010  Mar. 23     3:00 PM
2011 Apr. 20       2:30 PM
2012   March 22 12:00 PM

2013 Apr. 14   3:15 PM

2014 Apr. 19    3:00 PM

2015 Apr. 20     7:45 PM

2016 March 18    9:00 AM

2017 Apr. 16      7:00 PM


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