Birds Around the Lake, One Never Before on the Lake

In the trees and on the lake, our birds are an important part of what is enjoyed on Lake Wentworth. Yes, it is just another loon but loons are special, especially when you hear them at night.

Our loons arrived on the lake in late April and one pair tried nesting in the Heath but that nest seems to have failed. At least one other pair is sitting on eggs at the present time so there is hope for baby loons. The pair, below, may be the nesting pair. As is typical of most waterfowl, they lay all their eggs and then start brooding so they all hatch at about the same time. This pair was “cruising around” and may have been waiting for the female to lay her second egg.

In the trees on the islands, other birds are doing their own thing. The Baltimore Oriole has a rather loud voice and then the orange sort of jumps out at you.

Along the shore, you can find spotted sandpipers that run along the rocks and sandy areas looking for bugs. Their quick flaps and then glides makes there flight distinctive.

One bird never before seen on the lake seems to have found a home near Mink Island. The Latin name for this one is Bluetia Hernoni. It is quite a rare bird and we are lucky to have it visit the lake.

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