Dive Team News For July 7Th and 13Th

Our Milfoil offensive is active. Monday, July 9Th, Goodwin Basin was chemically treated to reduce the abundant growth of Variable Milfoil. Treating Milfoil in there is important as there is a culvert draining into Crescent Lake as well as Geese and Turtles that climb back and forth over the causeway dragging Milfoil with them. A new safer chemical was used with much reduced human restrictions.
The Dive Team has been active pulling the many patches of Milfoil that have reappeared in Mast Landing Bay. To date most has been removed but more diligence is required as new shoots can often re-emerge.
Our immediate goal is to acquire a GPS device to accurately map the Milfoil locations to efficiently monitor the progress in those areas. The battle is ongoing and while we are surprised at the amount of resurgence we are making serious advances. We are curious to know the condition of the remaining areas of Crescent Lake to see if Milfoil is stubborning regrowing there. We will know shortly and I willl advise you. Thanks for your support. Tom Ouhrabka

Photo credit for underwater milfoil picture Skip Oliver.

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