Draw Down and Signs of the Season

October is beginning to feel like real Autumn. After a day or two of abnormally high temperatures, the cooler weather seems to be taking hold. Now, there is even a cold rain with a forecast of snow flurries in the mountains. The draw down is progressing and some of the familiar sights have changed.

These two rocks off the south shore of Stamp Act, near Bass Island, show the change in level of the lake as well as a bit of the Fall color.

This aerial photo of Mink Island and West Jockey Cap gives you an idea of the number of rocks showing. This was taken on Oct. 10th before the draw down is completed.

Taken around the 1st of October, the rocks near the Sister Islands were beginning to show.

Docks that are still in the water are left quite high and dry. This picture was taken around October 1st when the water was still was going down.

Here, you have the water level further down on Oct. 10th and it is really not possible to dive in from this dock. The lake is more than 3 feet down from the Summer level. You will note that the person on the dock is in a bathing suit as the temperature was in the 70’s.

The Black Gum have some very red leaves although some of these leaves are now falling as the Black Gum (also known as Pepperidge or Tupolo) start to lose their leaves early.

An aerial view of Heath Brook shows a lot of color in this swampy area that the Wentworth Watershed Association is raising money to buy. This photo looks south and at the upper left end of the swampy area is Pleasant Valley Rd.

This picture is of Heath Brook looking north. Lake Wentworth is behind the dark green trees on the right.

Some on the lake don’t seem to worry about the draw down and just seem to be going about their business of keeping themselves fed. This group of Common Mergansers may be a couple of families that have merged but they seemed to be hunting for fish communally with all diving at the same time. Probably is nice for the Merganser when a fish is scared by a friend right into your mouth. Not really great for the fish, though…..

And the loons are still around. Some may be early migrators from the north that are stopping by for a visit while some may have been on our lake all summer. The two loon chicks have been seen recently and are adult size and are practicing flying. Yes, the season is changing…….

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