The Big Storm That Was Sort of Big

We were supposed to get 18 to 24 inches of snow, mostly fluff. Warm air aloft came in and made it not so fluffy, in fact it sleeted for a few hours. Total accumulation was around 8 inches, leaving the top 2 inches of the ground cover dense and icy. Then it turned bone chillingly cold, with a high temperature of  5*F on the 21st, it felt like -16*F. This type of weather is expected in January in NH, but it seems to fluctuate from insanely cold to unseasonably warm. It is supposed to warm up and rain on the 23rd…

The lake is now snow covered and even though it is windy, the “snow” doesn’t blow around much because of the top layer of ice. This picture below shows Mt. Shaw beyond Mink Island and West Jockey Cap.

The wind has made some interesting patterns on the lake. Not exactly sure why they formed but it is probably associated with the combination of the wind and sleet. These 3 inch formations look like mini sand dunes.

Some places seem to almost have a braided pattern.

With a telephoto lens, you can see the north shore with Mount Chocorua in the distance. The new snow seems to have blown off the peek, leaving bare rock.

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