Skiing and the Life Guard’s Dilemma

In the middle of the week there was an inch of snow that fell on top of the 4 – 6 inches that was on the lake. That snow had suffered a warm spell and was “consolidated” which might be read as “crusty”. The inch that fell in the middle of the week then had some rain fall on it. Since then, it has been cold. Travel on the lake is now quite easy (although that can change with the next storm). Snowmobiles are cruising around and they make great ski tracks but it is also possible to ski basically on top of the crust with not a lot of effort. Today was crystal clear with a sun that feels warmer. A delightful day to be on the lake.

The picture below is where the snowmobiles enter or come out of the Heath. If you are entering the Heath, you get a trail that either takes you to Winnepesaukee or another branch takes you southeast to Moose Mt. Most traffic leaves the Heath, and goes in the direction of the picture and then around the corner to the left, heads to the rail-trail so that they can head north on it or go toward the town of Wolfeboro.

Leaving the Heath and headed out on the lake, there is a view of Mt. Shaw and Gull Rock.

Headed east on the lake is  Bass Island and looking east to Warren Sands.

But what about the life guard dilemma? Well that is the math problem (that is not easy to solve) of when the lifeguard should stop running along the shore and start swimming out to rescue a person. You can run faster on the shore than you can swim. Therefore, at some point, the life guard should enter the water with their flotation device to make the time to get to the person the shortest. OK, now you are out skiing and with these particular conditions, you could go 50% faster in a ski track as opposed to skiing without a track. Below is a picture of two snowmobile tracks and in this case, I wanted to go straight. No choice here, you go straight.

Now, there is a problem, if you really want to go a bit to the right, there is a track that goes that way but it is not as smooth so it will be a bit slower. The one going straight curves but it is hard to see far away and whether it ultimately goes in the right direction. Which way do I go?

Below, there a few choices so you go with the track that is firmest so you go faster.

OK, what do you do here? You want to go to the white building on the left, which track do you take?

In reality, you are out on the lake for fun and exercise. If you go a harder route, you get more exercise so you win. If you are just out to enjoy the lake, you win.

Always nice to be out on the lake.

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